no clue where to start in this wedding planning process or how the heck this works?

We are your personal wedding day guides that will provide support, resources, and plenty of laughs 

It's NORMAL to feel a little overwhelmed by all of the options you have right in front of you. Without someone to help guide you through this process, it can feel daunting.  Here's the good news: we have been in your shoes and help couples just like you all the time navigate this unfamiliar territory. We got you covered while you plan + while you party on your wedding day + and even as you start your life as a married couple!

Connection that happens prior to your wedding day that translates to 

We aren’t OFFICIALLY wedding planners, but we spend a helluva lot of time around weddings and have picked up so many great tips and tricks over the last 8 years. When you work with us, you will get insight and knowledge from 2 people who have seen 100+ wedding day's play out.  Because of this, we help our couples: 

-Create a wedding day timeline that priorities what’s important to them. 
- Process whether or not a first look is for them. We 100% support whatever decision they make. 
- Navigate the loads of vendors they have to choose from! We love to offer recommendations for vendors we trust and love working with. 
- Make and decision they are torn between by offering our advice if asked about it. 

comfortability you didn’t know you could have in front of the camera! 

Comfortability from
start to finish

Photographers who Prioritize your wants and desires

Photographers who prioritize what you want leading up to 

It isn't uncommon for couples to feel like they didn’t get to experience their wedding day and take in  little moments because they felt rushed by a  vendors or family. Let me just clearly state our intentions and hopes for you on your wedding day

and on your wedding day to bring YOUR vision to life. 

We want you to take in all of the little moments of your day without feeling rushed and we support you in WHATEVER you want to do on your wedding day. We believe in this so much that we will help you create a timeline that reflects your desires! 

We got your back on your wedding day and will do everything in our power to ensure that your vision for your wedding day happens and isn't hindered by photography!

The guidance you didn't know you needed

Guidance you can trust on one of the biggest days of your life

We want you to win on your wedding day. A huge win for many brides is feeling like they actually got to relax and experience their day. They didn't have to worry about what they were supposed to do, where they were supposed to be. They didn't have to worry about how to cut their cake because we were there to guide them through the process. If hair and makeup were running behind, they didn't have to worry about catching up on the timeline because they trusted we had everything under control.  On your wedding day, Lara and I are there to serve you and guide you as much as possible to make sure you can live in the moment and experience your wedding day! 

and all of the moments leading up to it.

Resources for the questions you didnt know you had

No fluff resources packed full of value that gives you the information you didn't know you needed!

We have also created PDF’s and guides to help our couples think through situations and decisions that they might not know they are going to have to face. 

Basically, we want you to have all of the best information you can so that you can be equipped to make the decisions that you want to make and not be caught off guard. Check out some of the resources our couples get access to:

1. Engagement Session Guide
2. Wedding Day Family Photos Made Simple  
3. The Ultimate Wedding Day Checklist
4. Wedding Day Tips and Tricks 

the information you didn't find on pinterest

 They knew exactly what to do and how to do it. Not sure how to cut the cake? They got you. Not sure how to bustle a dress? They got you. Behind on your timeline? They got you. Need some extra hype? They got you. On top of all that, they create some amazing pictures that you’ll cherish forever! They were so much fun and they worked with Sam and I’s goofiness. I can’t thank you both enough!

- Erin DeNike 2021 Bride 

chris and Lara went above and beyond what photographers do. 

Ready to see full wedding day galleries that show case all parts of a wedding day