kiss your wedding day worries and photography anxieties goodbye

and say hello to the wedding planning guidance you didn't know you needed

 Our goal is always to form a connection with our couples because we know when they feel comfortable around us PRIOR to the wedding, magic will happen in front of the camera ON their wedding day. You can expect to laugh a ton with us, feel comfortable around us, and breathe a sigh of relief because you know that we have your back on your wedding day.

Chris and Lara went above and beyond for my wedding day. Our pictures were gorgeous and Chris and Lara made the process so much fun. The experience was personalized and they listened to all of our questions, concerns, and requests. It felt like they were long-time friends of ours, just with how much laughter and love they poured into the experience. 100% recommend Chris and Lara, they were amazing. "

 "I was absolutely blown away by how much they cared about making sure we all felt completely prepared for the day and any challenges we went through.

- Emily 2021 Bride 

We are so much more than just your wedding photographers

we are your personal wedding planning guides to help you every step of the way.

Isn't this season of your life supposed to be full of laughter and dreaming of your future with your favorite person in the world? The reality is wedding planning is overwhemlingly stressful and you are left with way more questions than answers most of the time. 

But what if....what if it didn't have to be that way?

Imagine working with a team that had your back and left you feeling at peace because you knew you are in capable hands.  Imagine laughing with your wedding photographers and proud have them around your friends and family ALL DAY at your wedding? We hear couples say these types of things when they describe working with us all the time! Are you ready to kiss those wedding day worries goodbye? 


"They were friends, confidants, sounding boards, chaos wranglers and so much more! I basically tackled Chris when he showed up that morning- no really! I ran across the room in my fuzzy socks and slid into him and Lara before they were halfway in the door because I was so excited to see them. The photos he and Lara captured are beyond words and I love every single one of them. Thank you Chris and Lara for capturing all of the big and little moments on our wedding day! 

- Megan 2021 Bride 

"Want to know a secret? Chris and Lara weren't just our wedding photographers...."


vibrant colors and joyful smiles are a vibe and we are here for all of them!